Maria Mena – I Don’t Wanna See You With Her

Norwegian songstress, queen of heart break Maria Mena is back with a new single, I Don’t Wanna See You With Her. The song is taken from her upcoming seventh (!!) studio album, Growing Pains. 

While it’s been a few years since Mena’s last release, she’s been quite busy touring not only Norway but abroad as well. She also went through a divorce, which is reflected in the topic of her new song – seeing her ex with a new woman.

The song plays with Mena’s strengths; filling her powerful, yet controlled voice with all of her emotions, allowing the listener embrace and indulge with all of her most intimate stories. In proper Mena style, the song features playful yet delicate piano tunes that perfectly match her beautiful vocals.

There’s nothing brilliantly innovative about the song lyrics, as they don’t go outside Mena’s standard formula – not that that is in any way necessary. Even though her rhymes tend to be a bit well predictable, the other qualities of the song make you forget the rest completely. She is doing her thing, she’s not trying to be anyone else or do anything that doesn’t suit her; and we wouldn’t want her to.

You can stream the song on Spotify here. 

Growing Pains, which is out December 4th on Sony Music, features 11 tracks and can be pre-ordered from iTunes now.

    1. Good God
    2. The Baby
    3. Leaving You
    4. I Don’t Wanna See You With Her
    5. Good and Bad
    6. Not Sober
    7. Confess !
    8. Where I Come From
    9. Bend till I Break
    10. You Deserve Better
    11. Growing Pains



Pictures: Sony Music Norway 


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